Alert Notice

Declaration of Snow Emergency from 9pm Monday, February 1st  thru 5pm Tuesday, February 2nd in Beavertown Borough.   The Declaration includes no vehicles may be parked on Beavertown Borough Streets, Property owners has 24hrs after the end of precipitation to clear their sidewalks, and it is unlawful to place snow/ice in the street. 

Beavertown Borough is under a Disaster Emergency (Covid 19)!

Beavertown Borough Office will be closed to all visitors. Please contact us by phone or email and we will return your phone call or email as soon as possible.

Beavertown Municipal Authority will be closed to visitors. You may drop off your water/sewer bill using the outside mail slot. If you have any question please contact them and they will return your call as soon as possible.

Community Preparedness


Prevention Of Coronavirus:

  • Cover coughs or sneezes with your elbow. Do not use your hands!

  • Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.

  • Clean surfaces frequently, including countertops, light switches, cell phones, remotes, and other frequently touched items.

  • Contain: if you are sick, stay home until you are feeling better.


Beavertown Notification System 

                                          SWIFT 911




What is it, how does it work and how will it help our town?

Swift911™ is used to keep citizens informed during fires, outages, floods, hurricanes, evacuations, road closures and more.


All notifications are delivered via the Notification Delivery Network™ (NDN), a network owned and operated by SwiftReach for the sole purpose of delivering emergency messages. Swift911™ delivers time sensitive, mission critical information with unmatched speed and reliability. Organizations of all sizes ranging from 100 people to more than 2 million depend on SwiftReach to deliver messages everyday.

What are the Benefits?

  • Increased success rates

  • Lower communication costs

  • Ensure public safety

  • Avoid staff overload

  • Engage your community

  • Easy to use

  • Feature-Rich

  • Increased communication

  • Simple pricing plans fit within budgets

What are the features?

  • Contact Management

  • Outbound Messaging

  • Inbound Messaging

  • Integrated, Cohesive Approach

What are the uses?

  • Natural Disasters

  • Terrorist Threats

  • Police Emergencies

  • Industrial Disasters

  • Community Messages

  • During an emergency, municipalities and law enforcement agencies must have an efficient and reliable means with which to communicate with its residents, staff and businesses. Emergency notification systems provide local, county and state government with an extremely valuable tool used to keep communities informed during a crisis.

  • SwiftReach’s emergency notification solutions enable governmental organizations to quickly alert its constituents via voice, text, fax, email and CAP/IPAWS. All SwiftReach solutions are backed by the Notification Delivery Network, the network responsible for delivering the highest success rates in emergency notification.