Borough Officials









































































Edward D. Mallonee              Borough Council            Term Expires - 12/25                                                                            

 William Kepner

  Council Vice President

  Term Expires - 12/23

Linda Snook 

Borough Council 

Term Expires - 12/25


Rick Maloyed 

Borough Council 

Term Expires - 12/25

Brian Wood

Borough Council

Term Expires - 12/23


 Vacant - Tax Collector

 Term Expires - 12/

Robert M. Cravitz, Solicitor

Pat Bachman, Secretary /Treasurer/Open Record Officer 

Lee Hollenbach, Jr.,  Mayor

Office Hours: By Appointments

Term Expires: 12/25

         Ron Plummer

   Borough Council President

       Term Expires -  12/25

      Lucas Bingman

     Borough Council

   Term Expires - 12/23

  Vacant, Borough Supervisor


Vacant, Constable

Fred Wagner, Emergency Management Coordinator

The Borough Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm in the Beavertown Borough Building.